Making Energy Better

The energy and power industries face a looming infrastructure crisis, driven by the aging of decades-old assets. These legacy systems, which underpin our entire society, pose safety, environmental, and reliability issues that need to be addressed promptly. Our national prosperity depends upon us getting this right.

We can all agree that energy needs to be made better. But how can we achieve the greatest impact with the limited resources at hand? While many look to solar and wind power to revolutionize our energy economy, this focus ignores the other 99% of our primary energy supply, which is too vast to meaningfully offset in the near to medium term. Any realistic solution requires getting more out of what we’ve got.

Fortunately, there are low-cost, high-return technologies available today that can make our existing energy systems cleaner, safer, cheaper, and more reliable. Given the scale of existing infrastructure, these technologies offer massive “bang for the buck.” Many are hidden in plain sight, and just need the right injection of capital or entrepreneurial leadership to unleash their potential. Join us as we survey the exciting opportunities in the emerging world of digital energy.

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